10 questions: Tania McCartney

1) What the fuck is going on?
Most frequent line used in bad movies about the end of the world.

2) Most challenging role you’ve attempted?

Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. Maybe one day I will play it again when I know what it’s like to have little babes and not be 18 years old.

3) Seen any good theatre lately?

I went to see Sankai Juku, a butoh company from Japan a couple of weeks ago. Pretty amazing. It’s was like a meditation. So much physical control!

4) What’s the best thing to spend money on?

Good food and wine . . . and an iPod . . .

5) What should everyone stop doing?
Saying “Just kidding . . .” Figure out how to use sarcasm properly!

6) What’s the best thing about theatre in Toronto?

I have made some of my best friends through theatre in Toronto.

7) Johnny Depp or Sean Penn?
John Candy.

8) Who would you most like to work with, but haven’t yet?
Darren O’Donnell, Viv Moore, and Allyson McMackon to name a few.

9) Do you have any unifying theories when it comes to acting?
I just steal thoughts and theories from whoever I can, and see what works for me that day. Then I try and make the voices in my head stop.

10) What are you working on these days?

Currently, a show called Gorey Story at Artist’s Play Studio. See The Thistle Project at their website. An adaptation of The Gashlycrumb Tinies, by Edward Gorey, with the tagline “Death is Hilarious.” T-shirts are available. It’s very physical and very fun.

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