Greg Dunham goes Hollywood

A quick shoutout to Greg Dunham a Praxis Theatre alumnai who made his feature film debut this past weekend in the critically acclaimed new film The Lookout.

You might remember Greg from our Partrons Pick-winning production The Blood of a Coward at the 2004 Toronto Fringe Festival:

He was winning raves even back then:

“Greg Dunham and Erin King do wonderful work as the aging writer and his young alter ego, as other figures (including Bukowskis parents) stream by.”
Alex Bozikovic, from his Eye Weekly review of The Blood of a Coward.

Heres the poster from the new film (thats Greg in the top-right frame):

“Scuzzball No. 2 . . . is Bone (Greg Dunham), a longhaired, trench-coated killer who looks like a Matrix character played by Sam Shepard.”
Matt Zoller Seitz, from his New York Times review of The Lookout.

A group of us went to see the film this past weekend. Please pardon the unsolicited gushing: Dunham rocks!

4 thoughts on “Greg Dunham goes Hollywood

  1. Greg was quietly a stand out in this film. He was menacing in his stature and body language without speaking a word.He creeped me out at first sight and evoked a massive feeling of dread as if I recognized him from a nightmare I once had. Hope to see more of his work in film in the future

  2. hey greg, how ya doing? this is bad 192…i was once bad 108. how is the the big smoke? or are you moved. my exit was unfortunatey hasty (legal reasons don’t ya know). if you see this send me a note at it would be good to hear from you. ROJ

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