The Daisey cutters

Not sure how much news of this has made it north of the border to Canada. In case you missed it: A recent performance of U.S.-based monologist Mike Daisey’s Invincible Summer was disrupted when 87 members of a “Christian group” walked out of the show en masse, destroying the show’s original outline as they left.

Check out Mike’s incredible blog entry and video footage of the bizarre confrontation here. And then read about the aftermath here.

4 thoughts on “The Daisey cutters

  1. man alive! theatre’s first genuine youtube moment appropriately reposted on the praxis blog. i think he handles it pretty well. 1 man shows are scary things. 1 man shows where the audience is out to get you are, well, i think he handled it pretty well.

  2. I hope this serves as a great inspiration to him.

    In the clip, we can’t see the whole performance preceding this, but I think after he spoke to the audience and regrouped the show was probably much more enjoyable.

    How appropriate for this to happen to someone who doesn’t work off a formal script.

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