Who’s theatre-blogging this town anyway?

We like to think of them as cultural cartographers: next-generation journalists plotting their maps of Toronto’s theatre scene one blog post at a time. They are theatre-bloggers of the local variety, and we love them deeply.

Toronto-based artist Tara Beagan is theatre-blogging. Here’s a sample:

“ ’Bout a year and a half ago, while in the midst of having a play of mine produced by a company that had an existing infrastructure and staff and an annual budget and all of that fancy stuff, I found myself battling disinterest in the form that my play was inhabiting. Not theatre itself, but naturalistic (in fact hyper-realistic in this case) theatre. I kept saying to my closest friends, ‘I love the team on this, but I’m kinda over this play.’ ”

Toronto-based artist
Adam Paolozza is theatre-blogging from China:

“It is always interesting to note the difference between two cultures by examining tiny, seemingly insignificant gestures. Take for example the difference between the way Canadians and Chinese ash their cigarette.”

The folks at
blogTO are most definitely theatre-blogging:

“blogTO is a web site about Toronto written by a group of obsessed artists, musicians, photographers, politicos, advertising and media types, dancers, tech geeks, food lovers, aspiring film directors, fashionistas and people for the ethical treatment of animals.” Ella Cooper, Jack Grinhaus, Megan Mooney and Crips Reynolds are among the theatre-bloggers at blogTO.

Torontoist the theatre-ist:

“Torontoist is the largest, most influential, and most widely-read blog of its kind in Canada, with 120,000 unique readers and 200,000 page views each month (and growing quickly—an increase of 100% since January 2006). Established in October 2004 as part of the fifteen-city Gothamist network, Torontoist focuses on absolutely everything related to Toronto, including arts, events, news, photography, food, and a whole lot more.” Check out Torontoist’s theatre section.

Who else is theatre-blogging this town? We’d love to hear about it. Please drop us a line with the info.

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