Theatre link love

Holy fuck some people are smart. We are totally addicted to these awesome theatre blogs:

i) Parabasis“Lively!” – David Cote, Time Out New York.

“Isaac Butler is a blogger and theatre director living in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.”

ii) Daniel MacIvor Awesome website and ongoing notebook feature.

“Daniel MacIvor . . . is a stalwart of the Canadian theatre scene, having written and directed numerous award-winning productions including See Bob Run, Wild Abandon, 2-2-Tango, This Is A Play, The Soldier Dreams, You Are Here, How It Works and A Beautiful View.”

iii) Gasp!Writing, History and Culture with Laura Axelrod.

“Laura Axelrod is a writer and book critic. She’s a graduate of NYU, Tisch School of the Arts with an MFA and BFA in Dramatic Writing.”

Please help fuel this insane addiction. Send us your favourite theatre links or drop them in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Theatre link love

  1. this is kinda a no brainier if you do theatre in the t dot, and i’m sure I won’t win any points for obscurity, but the Stage Scenes section of NOW updates once a week with interesting and valuable info.

    i’m not sure you would call this a blog, but the online content is often larger that the printed version. It also often has audio clips of interviews and related stuff. i find this aspect less valuable, cause I much prefer having a journalist distill the salient points of an interview through the written word, but it does make the web page significantly different from the printed version. no exchange of ideas though as there is on a traditional blog.
    scroll to the botton, click the link under THE ARTS
    (which incidentally is the last section listed….)

  2. wait, okay i’m wrong, there actually is a “blog” section to NOW’s site. if you click on blogs in the upper left corner and then click on “stage” in the categories section you can read blog entries, which are essentially reviews but that you are free to comment on.

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