A piece of NY-centric bigotry?

This is why we love Scott Walters and his awesome Theatre Ideas blog. In his latest post, he calls bullshit on our previous post and the show it “apparently recommends”, Iowa 08. Click here for more great and interesting discussion led by one of America’s great theatre bloggers.

3 thoughts on “A piece of NY-centric bigotry?

  1. Well, you are being generous. And there are about a dozen bloggers who will tell you the same thing in no uncertain terms.

  2. Hey Scott,

    It has indeed become a heated debate – but what a joy to behold; so much passion and language coming from so many good writers and collected all in one place. Someone needs to start archiving this stuff!


  3. There was a time when I was considering creating an on-line webpage that would gather together in one place all the blog posts on a particular topic during a week. In some ways, TheatreForte now does that.

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