We’ve just learned of a new provincial government website for Ontario-based artists:

“[The Ontario government has] created this website to provide information about a range of programs and services specific to the needs of artists in all disciplines.

“This site provides links to important information on how you can get grants. It can help you find legal assistance, manage your finances and market your work. And, there are links to connect you to new learning opportunities.

“At this site, you can also find out about health care that relates to your own professional and personal needs.

“This site is intended to support all of Ontario’s artists, and I hope you will visit it often.”

Caroline Di Cocco
Provinicial Minister of Culture

Click here for the main page, or here for the Performing Arts pages. They’re also asking for links. So do pass them along if you’ve got ’em.

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  1. nothing like the trillium logo to kill a conversation. oh shit, did i just stay up till when doing an OAC grant?

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