Holy TAPA!

Back in early August (is the summer really over?) the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) launched a new blog. Here’s the blurb from its About page:

“Welcome to the TAPA Blog, your online source of industry information . . . The TAPA Blog has been created as the next generation of the TAPA Weekly E-Bulletin. By changing the e-bulletin to a blog, we can now post information as it arrives, rather than a weekly e.mail. This also allows you, the viewer, to check back as often as you like – and it won’t clog your inbox with e.mails!”

Lots of great content so far. In particular, the sheer number of theatre-related job postings makes us optimistic that there may yet be full-time jobs to be had in this industry. Check it out: The TAPA blog.

Much better than a kick in the teeth. Thanks TAPA!

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