What’s the difference between marketing and PR?

For a great take on the answer from someone who definitely knows her theatre stuff, check out Simon Ogden’s interview with Vancouver-based Public Relations specialist Ellie O’day.

2 thoughts on “What’s the difference between marketing and PR?

  1. Thanks for the link Ian (it’s OGDen, but don’t worry, everybody does it), she’s a good read, isn’t she? I actually had to convince her that anybody would be interested in hearing about what she does. I’m starting to realize how incumbent it is on us to be more aggressive publicists (until we can afford to hire one. Actually, I think I’d rather hire a marketer first, I hate flyering), and to start knocking on doors to the mainstream media connections and offering them something to write about. I think we tend to have an attitude like we’re being bothersome with our little play, while they most likely are looking for a story just like ours to write or talk about. At least they’ll remember us for next time if we’re persistent enough. One way to find out, I guess.

  2. Simon,

    Sorry about that typo. It’s fixed (which I only mention because the first line of your comment won’t make any sense if there’s no typo in the post . . .

    Anyway, yes. PR. More PR please.

    Thanks again for the great piece.


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