10 questions: Chris Abraham

1) What the fuck is going on?
I have no idea, I’m too busy rehearsing.

2) Why is Crow’s Theatre’s upcoming play called Eternal Hydra?
It is the title of a lost manuscript by a lesser known modernist named Gordias Carbunkle.

3) Does the play arrive at any conclusions about the nature of recorded human history?
It does reflect on the ways in which power, class and race influence the way stories are created and then make their way in the world.

4) What does post-modernism mean to you?
Revealing the sometimes-hidden content in form and vice-versa.

5) Since joining Crow’s Theatre as Artistic Director in June 2007, what have been some your biggest challenges with the company?
There are no challenges. It’s incredibly easy.

6) Are there any overarching themes or ideas that are common to the work being presented in Crow’s Theatre’s current season?
They’re all stories about identity, conscience and the struggle to be a grown up in the world.

7) What’s the secret behind the success of your ongoing collaboration with Anton Piatigorsky?
Our shared interests, our friendship and our ability to challenge each other.

8) How much of your work is informed by a sense of anger?

9) How do you feel about celebrity culture and its relationship to the craft of acting?
I don’t really spend any time thinking about that specific relationship.

10) Do you have any unifying theories that inform your approach to directing theatre?
I like things to feel really real.

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  1. I was really excited to see Abraham’s name on the list of interviews, and really let down when I read how little he obviously cared about the interview. Maybe you guys can re-interview him when he’s feeling a little more chatty.

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