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Over at the Theatre Ideas blog, Scott Walters has created an intriguing new project called Support Local Artists Working (SLAW). In Walters’ words, here’s what the project is about:

  • The Goal: to increase the hiring of local talent by major regional theatres.
  • The Pay-Off: Increased employment for local artists, increased ticket sales for the major regional theatres.
  • The Justification: Audiences like to follow the development of local artists.

Sounds like a wonderful idea and a great example of turning theatre ideas into action.

Check out, for example, his idea for the “RIP protest” – whereby local audiences protest the import of a non-local, big city actor by ripping their bio out of the program and leaving it on the floor of the theatre.

If you’re in a regional theatre situation that’s suffering from big city brain drain (and its blowback), this could be just the spark to set a new theatre revolution alight in your town.

Take a look at the introductory post here, and then skip on over to the new website Walters has set up to keep track of the action, here.

3 thoughts on “Support Local Artists Working

  1. I was the one that posted, then deleted my comment. I placed a comment in the wrong thread.


    How do I make this a local ‘thing’? This sounds like an excellent idea for the theatre community here in Winnipeg, as most leads are cast with actors from Toronto or Vancouver.

  2. mooseguts — It doesn’t take much to get it going. A few people willing to create a flyer and stand outside of theatres distributing them. If you are interested, email me at and we can start working up a flyer.

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