Wednesday theatrosphere roundup

The Next Stage
Have you been following Vancouver-based playwright Simon Ogden’s 11-question interview series? You can’t go wrong reading the entire set here, but if you’re looking for a place to start, check out his interviews with:

Theatre Ideas
Theatre activator-engineer Scott Walters is back from his period of self-imposed radio silence. Check out OK, Here’s the Problem, in which he continues to clean the grit out of the ever-creaking theatre machine. Walters makes the theatrosphere a more exciting place to be. Period.

The Mission Paradox
To get your arts marketing fix, you can’t go wrong at Chicago-based Adam Thurman’s The Mission Paradox. Check out this recent post in which he introduces an intriguing equation: New company + new play = Bad idea.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday theatrosphere roundup

  1. Chicago has always presented the best of the theater shows. I was brought to notice that another best show Banana Shpeel is in Chicago at the latest.Is that so?

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