“Vancouver has too many cheerleading critics . . .”

The good people over at The Next Stage theatre blog have conducted and posted a wonderful interview with Vancouver-based theatre critic Colin Thomas (Georgia Straight).

There’s even a choice piece of Toronto bashing as told to Colin by Daniel MacIvor:

“Daniel MacIvor told me once that he likes premiering work in Vancouver because audiences here are so on-the-ball and because we’re not nearly as snooty as the folks in Toronto.”

Oh, snap! Please read the entire interview here.

6 thoughts on ““Vancouver has too many cheerleading critics . . .”

  1. fair enough, the soup is a solid sludge that deserves stirring:

    That’s bullshit we aren’t snooty in Toronto, and we are SO on the ball.

    wow, this totally isn’t working.

    in truth i imagine (having never experienced vancouver theatre) that audiences there are younger and are in fact less snooty and on the ball as a result..maybe, im just making things up here.

  2. I wonder what he meant by that too. I recently saw a MacIvor premiere here and I was astonished at the over the top, standing O reception it got. I, for one, kept my seat. No disrespect to MacIvor, but a standing O? That’s gotta be hard earned.

    Perhaps Toronto audiences are more particular about what they rave about, I think the standard theatre crowd here (this particular premiere audience could certainly not have been called ‘young’)love the going to the thee-a-tuh once every few months and are enamored more with the overall experience than the work specifically.

    Maybe y’all are more discerning. Just sayin’. And generalizing. But from experience. So there.

  3. dude,

    strangely enough, the last standing O i saw here in Toronto was for Monster at Buddies. so we could dissect the heck out of this, but really, MacIvor is getting standing O’s across the country, when no one else is so, i don’t want to be a playa hata you know? doin somethin right. most likely daniel brooks and andy moro would be an asset in this type of endeavor also.

    regardless, i bet if you did a statistical analysis, that separated one-handers and musicals from the rest of the pack, you’d see that it’s apples and oranges really.

  4. I heard an interview on the radio a few weeks ago about how people in Winnipeg leap to their feet in a standing ovation for just about anything. The art maker they were talking to about it seemed to find the whole thing a bit embarrassing.

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