What’s your favourite non-theatre-related blog?

Hi there.

We could use an injection of non-theatre-related bloggy goodness around here. Does anyone have any recommendations? If you could recommend just one or two non-theatre blogs, what would they be?

Just drop a link in the comments section below, or send us an email, and we’ll post the full list in a couple of days.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “What’s your favourite non-theatre-related blog?

  1. For politics – a tie
    Crooks & Liars
    Daily Kos

    Kung Fu Monkey
    Mystery Man On Film
    The Unknown Screenwriter

    By Ken Levine

    Tess Gerritson
    JA Konrath

    For thoughtful politic reporting – Glen Glenwald cannot be beaten.

    I reads a lot. Heh.

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