New theatre blog friends

There are a ton of great theatre blogs out there. Here are a few we’ve been reading recently:

Chris Dupis – Toronto
Dennis Baker blog – Los Angeles
ecoTheater – Wisconsin
GreyZelda Land – Chicago
Guardian UK – Theatre – London
The Mirror up to Nature – Boston
Off the Fence – Toronto
Play Out the Play! – California
Spinning/and/spinning – Toronto

Please click through for abundant awesomeness!

8 thoughts on “New theatre blog friends

  1. one day i will learn how to hyperlink.

    in the meantime, if you go to and click on “stage” at the top there’s a link to their blog. It’s mainly reviews of things that didn’t make the print edition.

  2. Many Toronto actors have blogs. You should track them all down, line up the links, and I’ll rope them all into participating in “Theatre Is Territory” … (TIT for short)

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