What should we talk about now?

Any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “What should we talk about now?

  1. Remember the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Laff-A-Lympics? Why the hell haven’t they released that on DVD?

    That’s what has been on my mind this week.


  2. the #1 thing on my mind this week is The Wire. i could go on and on… from an acting perspective how do they throw all these classically trained actors together with these neophytes and everyone is A) awesome and B) acting in the same style. it boggles the mind really.

  3. Okey-doke…I challenge Mike Wheeler to start his very own theatre blog for one month with a minimum of two posts per week, just to see if it sticks.

    First post suggestion: “The Top Five Lessons From Russian Theatre That Are Sure To Improve Your Acting.”

    Suggested Blog Titles:

    Mike and the Mechanics of Contemporary Canadian Theatre

    Hands on the Wheeler

    Mike’s Weblog

    A New Direction: Mellifluous Musings and Drive-by Dissection

    Together With These Neophytes: A life on the Wire

  4. okay. I’m half in. i’m very into consolidating my resources, so if i’m gonna write weekly, it’s gotta be on the blog of the theatre company i already run.

    whaddya think ian? i’ll give you weekly content for a set # of weeks. i promise to use capitals where appropriate, along with proper punctuation.

    title of my first post:

    Lumi-not go.

    i’m pissed about this shit. (and we all should be.)

  5. Hmm…sublogging eh? We find this alternative…worthy. We will link.

    You still have to decide on a snappy series title, though.

    How about: “Oh, snap!”

  6. Throwdown!

    OK Michael Wheeler. Here’s your challenge: Four posts over four weeks to be published right here on this blog. Your first deadline is Monday, June 9 @ 5pm, to be posted the following morning.

    Your next deadline is the following Monday, (June 16). And so on for a total of four posts over four consecutive weeks.

    All words and images are your responsibility. 100% Wheeler. Uncut. Unedited. Unproofread.

    Each entry should be between 350 and 600 theatre-related words. Or thereabouts.

    That’s it. Throwdown. Do you accept these terms?

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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