Canadian theatre blogs “fire hose”

On the prompting of Austin, Texas-based theatre blogger Travis Bedard, and as a supplement to our Definitive list of Canadian theatre blogs project, Praxis Theatre has created a Canadian theatre blogs RSS “fire hose”.

Basically, it’s a scrapper page that shows all the latest entries from the Canadian theatre blogs on our “definitive” list.

Click here to see it. Bookmark it. Add it to your news aggregator. Ignore it completely. Protest it. Or sing a happy song celebrating the technical marvel of our times. Up to you.

(Note: Only about 80% of the blogs on our list support this kind of RSS feeding. So while this fire hose provides a good overview, it’s not as definitive as our other definitive list.)

Here’s a screen capture showing the blogs that are currently fed into the hose:

4 thoughts on “Canadian theatre blogs “fire hose”

  1. Thanks to Travis for the idea. Though I’m not 100% sure what the application of this will be.

    Anyway, isn’t it apt that a collection of Canadian theatre blogs is referred to as “the hose”?

    Bunch of hosers.

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