The definitive list of Canadian theatre blogs – continued

The project: assemble a definitive list of Canadian theatre blogs.

Our criteria:
to be included on this list, the blog must have posted at least once within the past 30 days; the blog must identify as Canadian; and it must be primarily focused on theatre. And in the interest of keeping things independent, blogs that are offshoots of larger publications (for example, the theatre section on the BlogTO website) are ineligible for inclusion on this list.

The methodology: google blog search for “canadian theatre”, call for submissions (here and here), and anecdotal experience.

The list so far:

Daniel MacIvor’s notebook – Halifax
Compass Points – Ottawa
Third Wall Blog – Ottawa
Canadian Theatre Festivals – Ontario
Time and space – Toronto
Mooney on theatre – Toronto
Obsidian Theatre – Toronto
Off the Fence – Toronto
One big umbrella – Toronto
On my knees – Toronto
Spinning/and/spinning – Toronto
SummerWorks Theatre Festival – Toronto
The TAPA blog – Toronto
Theatre is territory – Toronto
The Wrecking Ball – Toronto
Gypsy Roar – Hamilton
Grinder’s Grumblings – Wellington
Moosguts Live – Winnipeg
Geeks on Drama – Vancouver
The Next Stage – Vancouver
Otherwise – Vancouver
Vancouver on stage – Vancouver
Victoria Theatre Reviews – Victoria

The Red Hut

This is an ongoing project. If you know of a blog that fits the above criteria, please email us the link, or drop it in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “The definitive list of Canadian theatre blogs – continued

  1. If you use Google Reader you can create a Canadian Theatre Blog Firehose!:

    Subscribe to the CTBs and put them in one folder (i.e. Canadian Theatre Blogs).

    Then you go to ‘manage subscriptions’ and make that ‘tag’ public. And others can subscribe to them all together!

    Yeah, I’m a nerd.

  2. Thanks Travis! Great idea. I’ll rig this up and then post notice when it’s done.


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