Dark days

OK. Let me get this straight: The U.S. economy is on the verge of an unprecedented meltdown. Americans are seriously considering electing John McCain and Sarah Palin. Stephen Harper is poised to win a majority government in Canada. Most scientists agree the environment is fucked. We’re due for a worldwide flu epidemic. Plastic is poison. Chinese industry is feeding children tainted milk. We’ve probably reached peak oil. And now this?

4 thoughts on “Dark days

  1. Money is evolving, Mccain is in process of self-destruction, Harp wins but Dion steps down, enviro is off but not fucked yet, forget flu (it’s been “coming” for years – remember bird flu? it happened two years ago according to news reports three years ago). Plastic is fine, humans are strong, China’s citizens are like a fucked up teenager that’s just learning parent’s can go fuck themselves and they are the future, and oil is peaking, but who cares, we can make other shit, don’t sweat it. As for the pigs, it sound like the earth-cops got’em. Case closed. Right now we should be looking for new systems and principles, to hell with the ones we have now. There’s plenty left to discover.

  2. While Ben’s optimism might be the type of medicine we all want, I think hiding our heads in the sand is what’s got us in this mess to begin with.

    I think the fact that humans are able to treat pigs, as one example, so poorly is really indicative of the sickness that has pervaded our society.

    Each of us, especially artists, needs to at the very least acknowledge that there are major challenges facing our generation, and, while the majority of the continent has a chance to cast their all too infrequent vote, we ought to damn well demand more; not just from our politicians, but from ourselves.

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