10 things I learned about theatre in 2008

When in doubt, make a numbered list. That’s at least part of the thinking behind Praxis Theatre Director of Marketing Ian Mackenzie’s recent guest post at The Next Stage theatre blog: 10 things I learned about theatre in 2008.

Quasi-cantakerous, painfully obvious, or productively blunt?
You decide.

Please check out the full list of 10 at The Next Stage, here.

2 thoughts on “10 things I learned about theatre in 2008

  1. I think it is interesting that you chose to highlight #6 on your list for the Praxis blog. It is a good point… were you alluding to something in this choice?

  2. Hi Anon!

    It was a random choice. But it’s true isn’t it? It’s not anything against any particular person or organization. It’s just an observation that businesses that operate within the capitalist model tend to privilege preservation of the company above the well being of the individuals who work for it. More or less.

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