5 shallow and unfocused thoughts about theatre

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the shortage of posts in the space. Been working on some different theatre and non-theatre projects. How the heck are you?

Here’s some theatre stuff I’m thinking about:

1. The imagination gap is caused by the resource gap which is caused by the imagination gap . . . and so on.

2. Where is genre theatre? And by this I mean, where are the broad theatre genre classifications and productions that have meaning for people who don’t know anything about genre. “I can’t wait to see that new ____.” Western? Horror play? Corporeal mime?

3. Actors are noble beasts. Like cats and grade school teachers. All of whom, incidentally, enjoy being the centre of attention.

4. Marketing spend. It would be amazing to have a fully resourced year to spend coming up with ways to market theatre.

5. Impossible theatre. Is there a kind of theatre that will never exist? Maybe like theatre that involves dead people, or something.

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