10 questions: Leah Wahl

Leah Wahl and David Galpern.

1. What the fuck is going on?
Ummm . . . Jeez. I’m just answering some questions. Didn’t you ask me to do this?

2. Any tips for looking great in photos?
Make sure you are always surrounded by ugly people.

3. What’s the most common failing of independent theatre in Toronto?
Not appealing to a broader audience. I think as artists we have to figure out how to attract the masses without compromising our creativity. I feel like the stories we tell represent a much more varied society than we are playing to. Theatre isn’t meant to be elitist. (Also, I’m unemployed right now – WHAT-UP-WITH-THAT?!?!!)

4. What’s your most creative time of day?
You know the night time, is the right time.

5. What’s it like to play a cat in two different Fringe Festival productions at the same time?
It was a whole lotta pussy.

6. What’s the difference between good art and bad art?
I have no idea.

Leah (far right) with the cast of The Master and Margarita
at the 2006 Toronto Fringe Festival.

7) If there was a production of The Scottish Play on the moon, and you were playing the Lady, how would you incorporate low gravity into your performance?

8. Best costume you’ve ever worn for a performance?
I was in a production of As You Like It, playing Phebe, and the director let me pick out my own costume. I cut off some really ugly-bad khakis, wore a ratty yellow t-shirt and distressed a big pink bow for my hair. Then I rolled around in the mud and dirt for a couple of hours. I looked just like a female Pig Pen. It was so hot.

9. What does everyone need to start doing right now?
Everyone needs to start laughing more. AT ME!! (I think you’d all be laughing if you could see the silly face I am making and the funny voice I am using. Just try to picture it.)

10. What are you working on these days?
Well, I would love to tell you all about it, but it’s actually top secret and . . . OH sorry. That’s my agent calling. Excuse me, I should get this.
– Hello?
– Greta?