These other theatre blogs rock!

We hope you don’t see this as an invitation to take your theatre blog dollars elsewhere (so to speak), but these other theatre blogs are just too good to keep to ourselves.

In no particular order, here are the other theatre blogs we’re currently reading:

Theatre Ideas
Scott Walters is an Associate Professor with the University of North Carolina’s Drama Department. Unlike some other theory blogs we’ve come across, Walters’ insightful Theater Ideas finds a nice balance between weighty theoretical discourse and clear and direct language. Frequent posts covering a wide range of theatre-related topics and a lively comments section makes this a worthwhile boomarker.

The Wrecking Ball
The folks at the Toronto-based The Wrecking Ball present a broad range of insightful theatre- and arts-related posts falling from their “new political theatre” mandate: “There is no question that theatre exists in our news — the performances have all been top rate, but the question is: where is the news in our theatre?” Good question.

David Cote is a theatre editor with Time Out New York (TONY) and pens this meaty theatre blog under the banner, “Sound and fury from a New York theater critic.”

Take a gander at this diamond sharp delivery from one of Cote’s recent posts:

“[Richard] Foreman’s and [Wallace] Shawn’s careers have complemented one another for years. Both are masters of blunt but surgically precise language that insinuates itself into your conscience (or unconscious), and, at its best, forcibly realigns your basic relationships to objects and people.”


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2 thoughts on “These other theatre blogs rock!

  1. Nice blog, guys. I like the idea of the 10 questions. I think I will “borrow” that one and interview some of my drunk buddies about whether or not they see Teevee as furniture. I see TV more like a 7-11 redhot being chucked down an endless pink hallway. Hope I don’t get banned from your blog for saying that.

    I will be coming back to Toronto this summer….hope I still got some friend.

    In the mean-times, check out my blog, or don’t:

    Good luck on your upcoming shows! I am doing a version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Gonna tour it around TW next winter. Would like to chat more about it, idea-wise.

    Alright, take ‘er easse.

    Baby Christmas Jesus

  2. kinger! did you check out the praxis myspace? theres’s some good lookin pictures of you on there. if you take a one man version of Jesus Christ Superstar for an unofficial taiwaneese tour we hope you leave more info on the blog. that would be awesome. taker easy.

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