10 questions: Geoffrey Pounsett

1. What the fuck is going on? In 2012 when I was doing War Horse, this company from Scotland called Poorboy came to Toronto to do something called a Blast Shakespeare. They take over a space (in this case a small U of T theatre building), spend a day with some actors creatively ‘installing’ a […]

10 questions and the truth

We’re back! Yes. Not only is this the first post to appear on this blog in more than seven years, it’s the first time all this content has been online and mobile-optimized since its domain expired more than two years ago. This is newsworthy for pretty much just one reason: the content of its “10 […]

Charles Nolte

I just learned that Charles Nolte has passed on (January 14, 2010). My condolences to his family, friends, fans, students and colleagues. I had the pleasure of interviewing Charles for this blog back in October 2007. It was easily one of the most rewarding interviews I’ve ever done. He had been on Broadway in the […]

5 shallow and unfocused thoughts about theatre

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the shortage of posts in the space. Been working on some different theatre and non-theatre projects. How the heck are you? Here’s some theatre stuff I’m thinking about: 1. The imagination gap is caused by the resource gap which is caused by the imagination gap . . . and […]