How theatre failed America

New York-based monologuist Mike Daisey’s scathing indictment of the American theatre machine has been getting a lot of much-deserved attention in the theatrosphere.

Read his entire editorial for Seattle’s The Stranger newspaper here.

(Thanks to Scott Walters and Parabasis for the heads up.)

One thought on “How theatre failed America

  1. woah, this article is bleak. the death of the rep theatre model is a huge friggin problem. i was a student at the American Repertory Theatre when they switched from using a company of 17 actors to a core company of five, bringing the rest in from NYC to fill roles as they needed. we are a generation of freelancers…

    the impetus to program pedestrian works to avoid an aging subscriber and fundraising base may be an even bigger problem though. the only way outta this mess is new stuff that brings new people to the theatre.

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