Non-theatre-related blogs

Many thanks to everyone who shared their favourite non-theatre- related blogs with us. Lots of great suggestions came up.

Here’s the list:

Please drop in on our blog friends above and let them know what you think. And we’ll be back on track here tomorrow with more theatre blogging.

2 thoughts on “Non-theatre-related blogs

  1. This was a great posting at the Praxis Blog.

    Here’s one I’d love to see: list the links to online tools that one uses (for free) in day to day use for their companies/business/shows/classes etc.

    I’ll start. (online video/media/document storage) (online, free script writing software, a poor man’s Final Draft) (a photoshop-ish tool that i’ve been using for posters/web stuff that is flexible and easy to use) (free flash like banners for websites/blogs/etc.)

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