The future of the Canadian Stage

Now that Martin Bragg has announced he will be stepping down, who do you think should replace him as Artistic Producer of The Canadian Stage Company?

11 thoughts on “The future of the Canadian Stage

  1. a) Garth Drabinsky

    b) Bubbles from “Trailer Park Boys”

    c) Bill Shatner

    d) Hillary Clinton

  2. i don’t think they need anyone to replace him. CanStage is already in the process of hiring an artistic DIRECTOR and whoever that person is should be top dog with the assistance of a no-nonsense GM.


  3. In No Particular Order. Any of these people would be wonderful.

    A)David Jansen

    B)Eda Holmes

    C)Leah Cherniak

    D)Ruth Madoc-Jones

    E)Sarah Stanley

    F)David Ferry

    G)Bob White

    H)Richard Greenblatt

    I)Michael Healey

    J)Ross Manson

    K)Jennifer Tarver

    L)Franco Boni

    M)James McDonald

    N)Mary Vingo

    O)Colleen Murphy

    And that’s off the top of my head. There are plenty of great peopel who would be qualified for this job. What I think they need is an Artistic Director and a FABULOUS General Manager.

  4. hmmm. those ARE all good choices.

    smart money would be on Marti Maraden given her long relationship with CanStage and Canadian theatre in general.

    just as long as whoever its is actually invests in creating new work, instead of piggybacking productions already being created by the indie community, it will be a big step forwards.

  5. This is an excellent opportunity to turn CanStage into the sort of company it was meant to be. If any board members are reading this, PLEASE do the right thing.

  6. hey anon,

    i’m curious. what does “do the right thing” mean to you? Also what sort of company do you think CanStage was “meant to be”?

  7. Do the Right Thing = find an AD who combines Vision with Integrity, Courage, Competance and Political/Social Savvy, and is neither a flake nor a used car salesman.

    What CanStage Was Meant To Be = the Canadian equivalent of the English Stage Company at London’s Royal Court, after which CanStage (sic) was originally named.

  8. The other AD character flaw I would warn against is Crybabyism, ie. the belief that these are “tough times” and that the solution is smaller, blander shows.

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