Theatre is Territory 3.0


Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by the new home of Theatre is Territory. As you may know, this blog got its start under the wing of the good folks at Praxis Theatre. We had a good run together, but all things must pass – and so the time has come for both me and this blog to move on from Praxis.

For its part, team Praxis will continue to blog on the channel you already know and love: Please go shower them with love and money.

As for this blog – I can promise you three things: Performance. Production. Theory. That was the big idea back then, and I think it’s still a pretty good place to start.

And with that comes the return of the “10 questions” interview series. Check back this Friday for the series relaunch, featuring one of the theatrosphere’s most prominent and outspoken sons.

There will be guest posts, too. If I’m lucky, maybe Simon Odgen of The Next Stage will craft one of his paradigm-shifting guest posts. Alison Broveman? MK Piatkowsky? Scott Walters? May I lean on you again for inspiration and wisdom here?

Anyway, that’s what’s happening. I’m not sure where we’re going, but I hope you’ll stick around so we can continue the conversation we started here.

In the mean time, why not bookmark this page? Add it to your RSS reader? Update your blogroll? Whatever you want.


Ian Mackenzie

Theatre is Territory 2.0

So. What the fuck is going on with this blog?

I know.

Things have been a bit slow around here lately. It’s my fault. After more than two years, 426 posts, 78 “10 questions” interviews, and more comments section brawls than I can count, I must admit that my capacity for pumping this stuff out is waning. I still love theatre and theatre blogging. But resources are finite, and there are other projects on the horizon – not the least of which is my role in marketing Praxis Theatre’s upcoming production of Stranger, by far our most ambitious show to date.

That said, I am thrilled to announce that starting next week there will be a new voice, and a new energy in this space. If you’ve been a regular reader or commentor, you already know Michael Wheeler and his frequently insightful contributions to this blog. As a commentor, and occasionally as a guest poster, Michael has been a big supporter of this blog since its inception. He also happens to be Praxis Theatre’s Co-Artisitic Director.

Michael will now join me in the day-to-day posting at this venue. In the spirit of its origins, all posts will continue to be signed “Praxis Theatre”. Some will be written by Michael, some by me. Ultimately, and if we’re doing our jobs, it shouldn’t really matter who’s writing the posts. It’s not about Praxis Theatre or about one writer’s voice. It never has been. We’re interested in the big ideas. In learning more from our industry peers. And in being a thoughtful and relevant part of the conversation. Michael’s a great fit and I thank him dearly for caring enough about this project to step up when it needs him most.

So let’s see where this takes us. For my part, I’m looking forward to continuing the “10 questions” series. I want it to be good. So I may take another couple of months off interviewing to recharge and recalibrate.

Thank you kindly for your patience through this transition. And thanks to everyone who has contributed to this conversation so far. I am humbled by your generosity and wisdom.

Obviously, there is plenty more we need to figure out.

Welcome Michael.

Ian Mackenzie
Director of Marketing
Praxis Theatre

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